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The photos below are all from Natalia Forrest’s photo gallery ‘I’ve Been Fucked’ and are from Wank It Now. Natalia is a well known model and everyone loves her because she is so flawless and her body is pure perfection, not only that but her action is better than ever seen before. She has 32B breasts, a lot of booty and amazing curves. Natalia Forrest is every man and woman’s wet dream and is a huge role model for most women out there when it comes to bodies as she may be slim but her curves are outstanding.


The video below is also from Natalia Forrest’s ‘I’ve Been Fucked’ content on Wank It Now. Natalia Forrest’s video is POV and I have to admit it is so arousing to watch. For those of you who are not very familiar with POV, it stands for Point Of View and it is basically from the studs angle so it looks like you are sat down with the model and it is like the model is addressing you.

The story behind the video is that you have cheated on Natalia and now she is going out to get fucked so she can brag about it and punish you for cheating on her but her plan does not quite work because although she has came back and told you about how she had her pussy pounded by a huge cock, it is turning you on thinking about it so she then decides to let you wank over her as she describes in detail about everything she did with the other guy. You can find the full video at Wank It Now.